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Our Speakers 2018

Bastiaan Degroot 

Bastiaan launches new ventures based on disruptive innovations. He has worked on innovations ranging from smart homes to augmented reality and from sensorial marketing to cyber security. He has launched new ventures in industries ranging from the energy sector to postal services and from aerospace to telecom. He is currently a member of the board of Feilo Sylvania, one of the world’s largest lighting companies and responsible for strategy. 

Isak Schneider-Lindbergh 

Isak's rather creative description of himself: "GAY – orientation and mood. JEWISH – faithfully liberal, by choice. DANISH – mother’s tongue, not pastry. GERMAN – native language, not native. VIENNA – birthplace and state of mind. ADOPTED – “Lucky me!”. ACTIVIST – All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT – job description and passion. ENTREPRENEUR – in spirit and life since 1998. REBBETZIN – married to a rabbi" ... our description: fabulous!

Genna Elvin 

Genna founded her first startup at 17 to bring solar energy to the developing Marshall Islands, while undertaking a double degree in International Relations Law and Psychology. After working in the New Zealand Government Intelligent Units, she jumped on a plane to Europe to study a Master Degree in International Conflict and Security. Based in Luxembourg, at 22, she co-Founded Tadaweb which has been recognised as one of the globe’s most disruptive technologies. Genna featured in Forbes last year as one of Europe’s Top 100 female founders. 

Robert van Embricqs


Robert is an award winning designer including the prestigious red dot design awards. His work has been published from the US to Europe to China in GQ, Wired and many others. After his graduation at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art, Robert's 'Rising Chair' concept was so well-received worldwide that he decided to put this piece into production. In addition, he created other similar pieces of furniture and outdoor constructions with the main purpose to make a perfect combination between functionality and art.


Supported by 'Institut Européen de Chant Choral' and the 'Oeuvre Nationale Grande-Duchesse Charlotte', Crush?! is the first vocal band in Luxembourg.  Under the coaching guidance of artistic director Andy Loor, these 11 singers and 1 beatboxer explore a new take on music with an a capella sound to modern music. Crush?! are here to crush your expectations of music! 

Patricia Abdelnour 

Patricia is all about music! With 15 years experience in production, management and culture, she designs and implements academic programs in social inclusion through music. As former member of the management team of El Sistema (Venezuela’s National Youth Orchestra System), Patricia is passionate about her work with all global Sistema-inspired programs. Using her academic background in Music Production and Engineering and her Master’s Degree in International Relations, she co-founded the Ibero-American Association of Women Music Engineers and Producers. 

Peter Stibrany


Peter has over 35 years of experience in space technologies from micro satellites to the International Space Station, and space businesses from Earth observation to communications. He is now dedicated to bringing the small, low-cost satellite revolution to deep space and making available resources from asteroids to fuel a large expansion of human presence in space

Atreyam (Leo) Sharma 

Atreyam (Leo) is a teenager with a mission. He wants to use his knowledge of coding and gaming to bring a change in the way teenagers are perceived, educated and treated in the world of adults. He is the youngest Keynote Speaker in leading technology events in Europe, being teen entrepreneur, coder, teacher and hard core gamer. He is Co-Founder of Workshop4Me , a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg developing coding skills among children. 

Samuel Sieber 

Samuel turns knowledge into humanitarian action.  After finishing his PhD at the University of Basel, Samuel decided to put his expertise to use at the world's largest humanitarian agency committed to achieving 'zero-hunger'. At the UN World Food Programme he worked towards saving the lives of victims of war, civil conflict and natural disasters. With renewed understanding for these areas he moved to the world's leading independent international medical relief organization: Médecins Sans Frontières. Samuel knows better than most: why do research unless it 'really' makes a difference?

Viki Gomez 

"My job is to ride my bike every day" says Viki Gomez: six times world Champion and current Vice Champion 2017 of a sport called BMX Freestyle Flatland. His job has taken him to around 70 countries in 18 years. Viki is a Red Bull sponsored professional rider. His time with Red Bull has been an inspiration to side projects such as bike designer for many companies (including his own!) and other creative projects with artists, photographers, film makers and different companies. 

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