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Our Team

The Officers


Dirk Daenen


“I’m Dirk Daenen: International Lecturer, Social Entrepreneur, TEDx fan, (Electric) Car Nut, ‍Father of Two, Global Citizen.”

 I'm convinced that TED is the most effective educational platform available today. I'm extremely humbled to be involved in such a wonderful community.

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Amira Angela

Co-Organiser TEDxED

"I’m Amira! Egyptian, entrepreneur, lecturer and passionate about different cultures and exploring people's similarities for meaningful human connection. I’m Fascinated by TED and their concept of spreading worthy experiences to inspire and motivate everyone. 

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Marilou Ashworth

Team Administration

"Hello!  I’m Marilou!  Born in England, European citizen and proud Luxembourg national. I’m a professional networker, connector and communicator who thrives on cultivating strong relationships and organising events that have a strong focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Very excited to be part of this phenomenal TEDx family and cannot wait to see you at the next TEDx event.

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Inga Astrauskaite

Audio-Visual Experience

I'm Inga Astrauskaite, a positively minded, solution-oriented doer, who thrives on bringing international projects to life. Originally from the Baltics, counting 12+  years in Benelux and highly thrilled to be a part of the extraordinary TEDx community! 

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Amanda Kesicka

Team Coordinator

"Hello everyone! I'm  Amanda Kesicka and I'm originally from Poland. I’m enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle, running and people! I’m a huge fan of personal development and I love challenges. In my free time, I like to connect to nature, so you can find me in the forest enjoying hiking.

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Weronika Mojsiej

Accounting & Legal

"I’m Weronika, a Finance and Legal specialist. Originally from Poland, I’ve been living in Luxembourg since 2015.

I’m passionate about hiking, climbing, skiing and everything related to mountains. I’m looking  forward to meeting you on our next TEDx event!

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Marion Noviel


"Howdy falks! I’m Marion. Born in France, I’ve been adopted by Luxembourg for 10 years. Passionate about astrology, pizza & travels. Why I’m so fond of this country & TED? Inspiring stories, mind-opening diversity & community gathering.

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Thierry Papillon


Hey, Thierry here! I'm passionate about the power that lives inside of us and committed to bringing out the best in every person I get to meet! I believe every single human has a message, not only to be shared but to be heard, because sharing our own may not mean anything to the world but it can mean the world to us!

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Luciana Restivo


Hello I’m Luciana ! Born and bred in Italy , I lived in Ireland and the UK before landing in Luxembourg over 20 years ago. Media specialist, networker , yoga passionate and a real TEDx fan . Mum of two girls, I am a strong believer in independent ideas and teamwork! 

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Stéphanie Reuter

Venue & Catering

"Hi, my name is Stéphanie! I'm from Luxembourg and in love with creating unique experiences! Manager of an event and wedding venue, mother of one, feminist and enthusiast about connecting interesting people and learning from them -  TEDxLuxembourgCity is THE opportunity to create something special! 

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Ana Rousseau

Speaker Liaison

“Hi there! My name is Ana Rousseau, consultant, problem solver and passionately curious. I have been living and travelling in many countries around the World from UK to Vietnam. Being a part of TEDx community has always been on my bucket list.  So, let's make it happen!

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Patricia Souza

Interaction Experience

"Hello there! I'm Patricia, a proud Brazilian and world citizen. I am a "lifeaholic", curious learner, passionate about people and their interactions. My purpose is to create a more equal and inclusive world to everyone and I believe this happens through education and intensely communicating ideas worth spreading. You can guess now why I joined this fantastic team? Hope to see you in one of our TEDx Lux events!

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Amanda Zalite

Accounting & Legal

"Hello everyone! I'm Amanda - a solutions and results driven finance professional and TEDx enthusiast since 2015. I am passionate about improvement and growth, especially, through unusual ideas.

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The Volunteers


Lauren Daenen

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“Hello I’m Lauren! A fanatical scuba diver, I’m a 13 year-old high-school student that dreams of becoming a marine biologist and free diver, just like my idol Ocean Ramsey!” 

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“Hello, I’m Sydney Cook.I’m a super sociable 15 year-old girl, I’m from South Africa but moved to Luxembourg last year. I have helped at the previous TedxLuxembourgCity and it was an amazing experience. I cannot wait to help out again!”

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Claudio Scheuer

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”Hi, I’m Claudio Scheuer, from Brazil, I’m the head of international operations at Spin - Startups Accelerator. I’m a hands-on and result-oriented individual, great communicator, and passionate about coaching, team development and teaching people.”

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“Hi, my name is Maudi Mirto, I’m very sociable, I love learning about new cultures, and I’m passionate about events such as TEDxLuxembourgCity. The vibe is so positive that I always experience good things happening even after the event!” 

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