Our Team

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Lisa Burke

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"I’m Lisa! Lover of the spoken word, unusual takes on the world around us and our part in it. Deeply interested in people and their stories. Love the magic of science and music. Mum of two girls, whom I hope can retain the mantle of curiosity as they grow."


Michaella Diaz

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“I’m Michaella Diaz, an enthusiastic business student who loves to talk! I’m a chatterbox always ready for a conversation and passionate about feminism. I love connecting with others and hearing what they have to say.” 

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Sascha Nadja Kraft

"Hi, I’m Sascha and from a very multi-cultural background. I’m a passionate occupational therapist and always seeking to help and empower others. I’ve been watching TED Talks since 2014, contributing today is a dream come true!"


Marselo Patino

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“I’m Marselo Patino: Designer MP, Uruguayan and freelance graphic designer based in Luxembourg since 2011. I’m a problem solver specialized in branding identity. I’ve been providing effective creative solutions to businesses of all sizes all over the world since 2004.”

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Jevgenija Fedorasko

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"Hello there! I’m Jev. I was born and raised in Riga. I spent 9 years in London, before becoming a proud resident of Luxembourg. I am a certified mental health first aider and mentoring enthusiast. I’m passionate about growth mindset, the power of emotional intelligence and creating memorable experiences for friends, colleagues and clients."


Kaori Anne Jolliffe

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“Hi, I’m Kaori Anne and I’m an independent photographer and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt. I’m a passionate story teller through the use of images. Born in Luxembourg, half Japanese and half Scottish.”


Marcela Hernoux

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“Hello I’m Marcela Hernoux. I’m originally from Brazil and I’ve recently moved to Luxembourg after 8 years in Ireland. I’m a photographer and occasional videographer with an education background. I love traveling and new adventures!” 


Iuliana Chernomord

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Hi, I’m Iuliana, I am a huge TEDx Fan, a versatile professional, mother of two amazing individuals, and a big supporter of personal development initiatives. Cross-culture is my life’s concept!


Amira Angela

"I’m Amira! Egyptian, entrepreneur, lecturer and passionate about different cultures and exploring people's similarities for meaningful human connection. I’m Fascinated by TED and their concept of spreading worthy experiences to inspire and motivate everyone. 

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Dirk Daenen

“I’m Dirk Daenen: International Lecturer, Social Entrepreneur, TEDx fan, (Electric) Car Nut, ‍Father of Two, Global Citizen.”

 I'm convinced that TED is the most effective educational platform available today. I'm extremely humbled to be involved in such a wonderful community.

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Cândida Nedog

“I'm Cândida! Brazilian, consultant, serial networker, promoter of good synergies and a mega TEDx enthusiast!Proud mama of ‘all’ TEDxLuxembourgCity team members including my two sons Josh and Eugene. See you soon!

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Dajana Zec

“Hello everyone, my name is Dayana Zec, I love communicating and connecting with new people. TEDxLuxembourgCity is the perfect opportunity for learning and discovering new ideas and points of view. 

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Lauren Daenen

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“Hello I’m Lauren! A fanatical scuba diver, I’m a 13 year-old high-school student that dreams of becoming a marine biologist and free diver, just like my idol Ocean Ramsey!” 

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“Hello, I’m Sydney Cook.I’m a super sociable 15 year-old girl, I’m from South Africa but moved to Luxembourg last year. I have helped at the previous TedxLuxembourgCity and it was an amazing experience. I cannot wait to help out again!”

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Claudio Scheuer

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”Hi, I’m Claudio Scheuer, from Brazil, I’m the head of international operations at Spin - Startups Accelerator. I’m a hands-on and result-oriented individual, great communicator, and passionate about coaching, team development and teaching people.”

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“Hi, my name is Maudi Mirto, I’m very sociable, I love learning about new cultures, and I’m passionate about events such as TEDxLuxembourgCity. The vibe is so positive that I always experience good things happening even after the event!”