TEDxLuxembourgCity – Volunteer Applications Open


Hi everyone, Thank you for being such great supporters of TEDxLuxembourgCity. We have reached a stage in our growth where it is time to take our capital city TEDx event to a new and next level.


In the spirit of “Ideas Worth Spreading”, we want to engage the local community and offer them not just talks, but a complete and interactive experience at our next TEDxLuxembourgCity event. 


In order to do this, we want to bring in a larger team of initiative-taking, innovative and ‘can-do’ volunteers to make this a truly exceptional event. In addition to that, this super team would continue to engage our TEDx Community throughout the year with smaller gatherings and more specific events (TEDxWomen, TEDxCountdown, TEDxSalon).  


That being said, we are looking for new professional, serious and proactive individuals to join us, put in the time and effort into fulfilling their roles and make epic events!  


It’s your show! 


You will create your team of volunteers, who will assist you with accomplishing the ultimate TEDx event. TEDxLuxembourgCity will provide you with all the necessary training on TEDx brand and platform.


All officers will meet to share ideas at least once a month to communicate their teams’ progress (between events). 


Leading up to an event, they will meet once every week (from six weeks before the event to two weeks after). 


What is in it for you? 

TEDx events are a global phenomena entirely run by volunteers!


The brand has highlighted the ideas of some incredible people and facilitated global movements. A 15-year-old Greta Thunberg stood on the stage at TEDxStockholm and… well, you know the rest. The world needs “ideas worth spreading” and that’s the purpose of the TEDx platform.

Deadline: 18th September, 2022

Apply to Join Us!

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You can play a huge part in making this happen at our capital city events. It is a life-changing experience that will give you the amazing feeling of accomplishment and will give you unparalleled recognition for your work. 


You will gain incredible experience working with accomplished event managers while being responsible for some of the most anticipated events on the Luxembourg calendar. 


Find below the positions we hope will inspire you to participate.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 


Dirk Daenen (organiser) and Candida Nedog (co-organiser) of TEDxLuxembourgCity




The positions we are looking for are the following:


Marketing and Communications Officer: You will be responsible for ensuring that our community knows about TEDxLuxembourgCity, when our events take place, what they can expect and how they can attend. All areas of Public Relations and Communications are yours (including our website, our newsletter and media relations). You will work closely with the Social Media Officer where necessary.


Social Media Officer: Currently our outreach happens predominantly on social media, and we want to improve it further. The social media officer will manage their own volunteers to create innovative content and design to keep our audience engaged and aware. 


Creative and Design Officer: TEDx events abound with innovation and creativity! You will be the mastermind behind the central theme of each event and manage the creative storytelling and communication leading up to, during and after the event.  


Interaction Experience Officer: Our desire is to create full day events with workshops during the breaks. You will be responsible for looking for great interactive workshop experiences for our audience, so they will be inspired by our “ideas worth spreading”.  Workshops will be led by speakers and volunteers and you will be responsible for ensuring everyone adheres to the rules whilst maximizing the audience experience.


Team Administrative Officer: Are you organised? There are a lot of moving parts to these events and your strength is in knowing what everyone is doing and working with the team to keep everything running smoothly. You will use online collaborative software and have great team spirit (apart from tons of initiative, good sense of humor and the patience of a monk!) You will work closely with the organiser, co-organiser and team leads. 


Audio-Visual Experience Officer: TEDx events are great ‘live’ events, but they also live indefinitely online. Videography, photography, presentation slides are incredibly important for not just our local audience but for the international audience to experience the ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ from our country. You and your team get to be responsible for that!


Curation and Speaker Liaison: Speakers and their ideas are the heart and soul of a TEDx event. You will be responsible for getting the best ideas on to our stage. Together with the senior team you will search for the most qualified speakers to spread the best ideas from our stage. Once the speakers have been chosen you will liaise with them directly and help with the coordination of their coaching, ensure we receive their relevant information and material on a timely manner, and provide support to them on the big day so they can rock their talk!


Venue & Catering Officer: Where will the event take place? What are the logistical considerations for audience, suppliers and speakers? What food and beverages should we serve to our audience? This is your responsibility, and it is a fun one! A good event takes place at the coolest venues and has the most innovative and best tasting food. 


TEDxSalon Organisor: We plan to have multiple (at least 5) TEDxSalon events throughout the year. These are smaller events for our best fans. We watch and discuss talks in a lovely environment. The most exciting and up-to-date ideas are held at these events. Sometimes live speakers, sometimes videos. Organising these events will be up to you! 


Legal and Accounting advisors: TEDxLuxembourgCity is a small, not-for-profit organisation with all the accounting and legal responsibilities affiliated with that status. You will be able to give advice on issues that arise during the normal activities and suggest easy and compliant solutions to any future legal changes of such an organisation.